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LG CNS DevOn Solutions
We lead new growth markets and customers with combined architecture capabilities.
DevOn Model Architect
DevOn Model Architect is an optimized and integrated tool for MDD(Model-Driven Development) projects.
DevOn Reverse
DevOn Reverse analyzes complex systems accurately in a short period of time. It Visualizes the Business Model that is easy to understand for the customer, and creates as an executable model.
DevOn MDA is a Support Tool for MDD(Model-Driven Development) based on IBM Rational Software Architect modeling tool.
LENA is a fast and scalable Web Application Server. We provide next generation WAS for high efficiency operation.
TunA is an Application Performance Management Tool that supports monitoring of commercial software. It also supports monitoring of performance and IT resources of applications based on open source software.
J-Jobs is a job scheduler that provides batch application development and execution functions developed in compliance with the Java Standard Deployment Specification (JSR-352). And it provides periodic job execution and monitoring functions.
DevOn Java Enterprise
DevOn Java Enterprise Framework is a proven high performance of large volume processing in PoC, BMT, and various real operating environments. It is also a prepared framework equipped with system-specific functions and common functions that are selected through a number of next-generation application and maintenance services.
DevOn C Framework
The DevOn C Framework is a graphical framework that increases program mobility and easy to maintain. Developed with extensive application experience of the DevOn Java framework, it ensures high performance and functional stability.
DevOn Frame is the open source framework's J2EE development framework. Its all compositions support to construct optimal enterprise system as it gains flexibility through various technical/business design idea.

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